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Our company

Steel Work Ru is a young, rapidly growing company. Its core business is to protect heavy-duty equipment against a great range of wear types for mining, steel, concrete, coal and other industries. Steel Work Ru joins Steel Work Group.

 Steel Work Ru conducts the next business activities:

  • the technical audit of the Customer’s Company;
  • the target units tech-analysis;
  • the offers how to protect heavy-duty equipment;
  • coming up with solutions how to improve the operational life of the unit;
  • manufacturing, delivery and assembling of the target units made of  SWIP® hardfaced wear plates in compliance
  • with the Customer’s designs or performed by our design department and confirmed by the Customer;
  • reconstruction, hardening and maintenance of the equipment, subject to wear, with application of various wear        resistant materials.
  • monitoring and supervision of the equipment operational work after implementation of Steel Work’s technologies
  • agreed with the Customer maintenance period. Guarantee and post guarantee services.


Steel Work Ru specializes in the implementation of innovative technologies and cutting-edge scientific solutions.

We are passionate about hardfaced plate application as regular wear resistant material. Our Company cooperates with Steel Work, OOO (located in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine) – the prominent hardfacing manufacturer in Europe and CIS countries.

 The Company priorities are:

  • to produce reliable products of high quality;
  • to conduct continuous improvement of the manufacturing products due to implementation of the modern technologies and materials;
  • to provide individual approach to each and every Customer;
  • to be flexible in pricing but inflexible in high quality.


Steel Wok Ru have the great experience in improving of the operational life of heavy-duty equipment and establishment of a good repute of a reliable business Partner. We are proud of our references made by the leading companies of mining, steel and concrete industries.



Every day we create added values for our Customers and their business, offering better way to satisfy their demands.

 Our principles:

  • we are reliable and completely open for our Customers and Partners;
  • we are changing continuously to satisfy our Customers and Partners’ demands;
  • every day we improve and perfect our processes to meet the Customer and Partners’ interests.



We are leaders.

 Our principles:

  • we challenge new ambitious targets and achieve them;
  • we take decisions and act independently in tough situations,  we take responsibility for our decisions;
  • we know the sense in the initiative and encourage it.  



 We are experts.

 Our principles:

  • we are continuously improving our knowledge and skills, sharing our experience with Colleagues and Partners;
  • we set and follow high working standards caring about creating of the value for the Company and Customers;
  • we achieve the best results at the best resource application.



 We are a united team.

 Our principles:

  • we are attentive to the surrounding opinions and open for the feedback;
  • we are open for cooperation, help and support each other;
  • each and every of our team is confident that their Colleagues meet their obligations to achieve the common goal.