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SWIP Hardfaced Wear Plates Manufactured by Steel Work Ru

Steel Work Ru, ООО is a manufacturing company operating in the market of protection against a great many of wear types. The benefit competitive advantage of the company is application of the state-of-the-art technologies and the latest challenges of R&D.

The core activities of Steel Work Ru:

  • Technical audit of the target enterprise.
  • Equipment gap analysis.
  • Preparing of the offers how to protect heavy-duty equipment against the wear.
  • Developing of design documentation based on the audit results and approved technical solutions.
  • Developing of the methods improving the equipment service life.
  • Manufacturing, delivery and assembling of the products made of SWIP hardfaced wear plates in compliance with the Customer’s designs. Revitalization and repair of the equipment subjected to wear with application of various wear resistant materials.
  • Equipment monitoring and supervision after implementation of Steel Work Ru technologies. Technical maintenance of the equipment for the term negotiated with the Customer.

Steel Work Ru devotes its particular attention to application of hardfaced wear plates as a universal wear resistant material.

What do SWIP hardfaced wear plates mean?

SWIP hardfaced plate is a solid two-layer metallic plate comprised of two different alloys with firm inner fusion between contacted surfaces. The layers bear various functions and are called the substrate and deposited ones. The substrate layer performs physical loads whilst the deposited one performs wear resistant function and protects the equipment.

You will get a wide range of benefits applying SWIP hardfaced wear plates compared to homogenous metallic plates. Due to our propriety we can create a target set of the operational properties that are unachievable in homogenous steel or other ferrous/non-ferrous alloys. 

The Core Reasons to Apply SWIP Hardfaced Plates:

  • A possibility to protect your equipment against any type of wear;
  • The dramatic expanding of the equipment service life due to the improvement of the wearing capacity of the protected surface;
  • The liner weight reduction up to the 50% and therefore the improvement of the equipment performance;
  • Improvement of the equipment performance;
  • Absence of relatively long downtimes in the manufacturing process;
  • No-need in purchasing new and expensive equipment;
  • Cost reduction for  special maintenance crews;
  • Cost reduction for maintenance and repair services;
  • Operation cost reduction for equipment  maintenance and therefore prime cost reduction Simplicity of the hardfaced wear plates assembling.

Fields of application of bimetallic plates SWIP

  • Mining equipment;
  • Opencast equipment;
  • Crushing and processing equipment;
  • Nodulizer equipment. 
Coal industry
  • Mining equipment;
  • Processing equipment;
  • Coke-chemical equipment. 
Cement ndustry
  • Opencast equipment;
  • Cement works equipment. 
Chemical industry
  • Transportation equipment;
  • Ventilation equipment. 
Metallurgical industry
  • Agglomeration equipment;
  • Blast-furnace equipment; 
Energy equipment
  • Equipment for power plants.
Port facilities
  • Handling equipment.